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Another Summer 2018 Counselor Reveal!

February 23, 2018

 Tillar Lewis!


My journey to Camp Solgohachia was not the plan I ever would have had in mind, but was obviously God’s plan for me all along.


I went to a different Christian summer camp when I was younger and absolutely loved it. I felt so much love by my counselors and got connected to Christ in ways I didn’t even know were possible at the time.


When I graduated as a camper from that camp, I knew immediately that I wanted to become a counselor. However, I didn’t fully understand the difficulties and joys of being a counselor until my first week of actually being one. Even though I spent the entire week sunburnt, sleep deprived, dumpster diving for lost retainers, I could see Christ in those campers’ eyes and feel that authentic worth in that.


After spending a total of six summers as a camper and counselor, I felt that my time at that camp was drawing to a close and knew that I was being called somewhere else. Though I honestly didn’t know where that would be or what that would entail until one day I remembered hearing about this place called Camp Solgohachia and thought I’d check it out.


Little did I know that “Godwink” would send me to a place that has overtaken my heart in more ways than one. I decided to go ahead and apply and just let God take it from there and I honestly wasn’t expecting a response back, but a couple of days later Brandon ended up calling me and inviting me to Overflow.


When driving up to the mountain for Overflow, I was very nervous and couldn’t believe that I was actually going to a place where I didn’t know a single soul. To my surprise, I was welcomed with such genuine and open hearts and I knew right then that this place had something special. Working on staff last summer was the most difficult yet rewarding thing I’ve ever had to do before.


It challenged me as a person and taught me so much about humility and grace. The other counselors I was fortunate enough to work alongside with inspired me to improve each week throughout the summer to be the best counselor I could be. Each one has distinct and special gifts that they brought to last summer, and I think it’s absolutely amazing that even though we are all different and have our own unique traits and characteristics, we all came together as one under the cross and its mission for us.


The camp directors have also shown me what pure passion for the Lord looks like and how to implement that in all aspects of life, and those lessons are 100% irreplaceable.


The most exciting thing that I’m looking forward to this summer would have to be reconnecting with previous campers and getting to have new ones come be in my tribe. One of my favorite aspects of camp is tribe life and watching how my girls form relationships with me and one another in such a short amount of time.


There is such a unique and special bond with every tribe that I’ve had, and I constantly look back on that to keep me motivated and accountable throughout the year. I can’t wait to come back stronger and more determined than I was last year and get to live out the story that God will be writing for this summer!

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