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Ozark Conference Center and Camp Solgohachia are members of the American Camping Association and the Christian Camp and Conference Center Association, the nation's leading camping and conference industry associations.  We are also accredited by the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability, the leading organization requiring the highest standards of financial accountability for ministries around the world.

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Ever thought of being a camp counselor? At Camp Solgohachia, our camp counselors are the ones who make camp the amazing place that it is. Our secret is that we focus on engaging with each and every camper individually rather than just staffing a fun activity or making sure they follow the rules. It is this relationship, the friendship between camper and counselor, that is what we have found our campers love most about camp.

Being a counselor means being the hands and feet of Jesus to kids in some of the most literal ways possible. For as long as a camper is at camp, you are the one responsible for making sure they eat enough, that they brush their teeth before bed, and that they are safe during activities. Since you're closer in age to a camper than most other adults, you are a natural role model for them - they will look to you to see how you treat others and how you pursue Jesus.

Because of this, all Camp Solgohachia counselors strive to live out the following Kingdom values:

  • Honor

  • Humility

  • Faithfulness in the little

  • Personal devotion to Jesus​​

  • Accountability

We know (from experience!) that no one is capable of living out these values perfectly, but it is the very act of striving after these Kingdom values that positions one's heart in a way to be a vessel for the Holy Spirit's work among the campers you will encounter. Honor means that campers and parents are treated professionally and with respect - Jesus himself said that the Kingdom of Heaven belonged to these "little ones". Humility means that you are honest, hard working, and apologize for your mistakes. A sincere apology to a camper whom you've perhaps been short with can have major impact. Faithfulness in the little means that when you do your job, you do it well and attend to the details. Jesus himself in a parable taught that those who are faithful with little things are the ones trustworthy to "rule over much". Personal devotion to Jesus means that we expect our counselors to pursue their personal relationships with Jesus in a devotional way each day, setting aside time to meet with him alone. We teach this very value to our campers and model it each morning for them. Finally, accountability means that we link arms and help each other live out these values and live our lives openly, willing to receive correction and discipline when needed knowing it is in our best interest.

Feeling the pressure yet? Don't worry! It is the Holy Spirit who does all of the "work" - creating opportunities for you to speak into a camper's life and giving you the ability to model the values of the Kingdom well. We are not looking for counselors who are perfect or who "have it all together." What we are looking for are counselors who are devoted to Jesus and have a "yes" in their heart to His purposes.

Being a counselor will require everything you have physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We will train you and equip you for everything you'll do during the summer, but it only works if you are willing to give everything to the vision of bringing an amazing experience for kids.


Still interested? We'd love to invite you to pray about being a part of our family and what God is doing on our mountaintop this summer. Every staff member is trained by Ministry Safe, to help ensure a safe environment for every kid free of abuse and neglect. If you'd like to read our policies on preventing these things, click here!