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Ozark Conference Center and Camp Solgohachia are members of the American Camping Association and the Christian Camp and Conference Center Association, the nation's leading camping and conference industry associations.  We are also accredited by the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability, the leading organization requiring the highest standards of financial accountability for ministries around the world.

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Camp Programs


Overnight Camp Solgohachia (grades 4-9)


Day Camp Solgohachia (grades 3-9)

(grade restrictions refer to the grade for school year 2020-2021)

Camp Solgohachia comes in two varieties: day camp ($180) and overnight camp ($500), both of which are offered throughout the summer. Day campers arrive after breakfast each day and leave to go back home in the late afternoon (lunch is included). They are smoothly integrated into the rest of the campers who are staying overnight during the session and get to participate in eight of Camp Solgohachia's seventeen thrilling activities.

Overnight campers are assigned a camp "tribe" where they will lodge with anywhere from 6 to 11 other campers of all ages, under the leadership of at least one (usually two) college-aged Senior Counselors and one or more high-school aged Junior Counselors. Like day campers, overnight campers also get to participate in eight of Camp Solgohachia's seventeen activities. And if that wasn't enough, a special camp-wide event is hosted each evening after dinner that can range from competing in the Solgohachia Olympics to cooking your own meal with your tribe at Camp Out night! Each night is rounded out with an episode of one of our famous dramas, a gripping (and often hilarious) story that develops more each night of camp.

Base Camp (grades 10-13)

(grade restrictions refer to the grade for school year 2020-2021)

Base Camp is our overnight camp program for high schoolers! Base Camp is an entirely new and different camp experience from that of our Camp Solgohachia program and is intended to focus both on exciting activities more suited for the age group and on going deeper in themes introduced in our Camp Solgohachia program. 


Base Campers will lodge together each night with college-aged Senior Counselors who has received both Camp Solgohachia and Base Camp training and equipping, and has been specifically chosen to lead this age group. Each day of Base Camp will contain sessions where we worship together and explore what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus. In addition, we will travel together off the mountain each day for an afternoon adventure, put together some wildly fun activities on our own mountaintop, and even have some free time where you can connect with fellow campers. For the low price of $275, Base Camp is one of the most memorable ways you can spend a week of your summer!  


Family Camp (all ages)

The only thing better than coming to camp is coming with your mom and dad (and grandparents, too!). Family camp is all the fun of summer camp, uniquely designed for a family experience. You will be amazed how coming to family camp will draw your family closer to one another and to Christ in a fun, worshipful, and Christ-centered setting with other families that share the same values you do. At Family Camp, you get to do a lot of the exciting activities available at Camp Solgohachia during the summer, including the zip lines, lake blob, go carts, archery, riflery, and more!

Family Camp 2020's scheduled dates will be announced soon. All meals are included throughout the weekend and the program will be staffed by some of the awesome counselors from the summer! 


Camp in the City (grades 3-8)

(grade restrictions refer to the grade for school year 2020-2021)

Camp in the City is our wildly popular day camp that takes place in the city park of Morrilton. We pack up everything that's not strapped down at camp, stick it on a bunch of trailers, and haul it down to the city park for a whole week of fun! At Camp in the City, you can experience a lot of our camp activities, like archery, riflery, and go carts, to name a few, for free each day in the Morrilton city park!

Lunch is provided free each day and each camper is also given access to the city pool where we go swimming near the end of each day. And of course, our famous drama production is adapted for on-the-road episodes that are performed after lunch each day. Even though the entire program is free, registration is required. Be sure to grab yourself a spot - Camp in the City only happens one week a year!



Camp Overflow (grades 8-12)

(grade restrictions refer to the current grade in school)

Camp Overflow is a winter camp weekend for students the happens right at the start of the new year! Overflow is the perfect opportunity for students new and veteran to both have a blast and get to know some of the camp counselors who work on the mountain during the summer time. Your weekend on the mountain will be refreshing, exhilarating, and encouraging as we take time to worship together, discuss living life as a follower of Jesus, and, of course, filled with wildly fun games and activities.

You'll lodge with fellow students and counselors throughout the weekend and all of your meals are provided - all for just $175 per camper!