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Activities at Camp Solgohachia

Camp Solgohachia offers tons of exciting activities that get better with each year! After you register, you'll be able to open the activity scheduler by navigating to your confirmed registration from your account's home page. Here's how choosing activities works:

Each camper selects four activities to do during the Tuesday and Wednesday of your camp session, and then each camper selects another four activities to do during the Thursday and Friday of your session! You can pick all new activities if you want to try something new, or you can mix in some of your favorites to do twice and a couple new activities to try out. The choice is yours! Just remember that if you do decide to repeat an activity, it won't necessarily be different from the first time you did it that week.

Most activities are open to anyone, but some have an age limit just to keep things safe. Activities can be signed up for anytime before camp begins online - but remember, space in each activity is reserved on a first-come-first-served basis!

Below is the full list of the activities you can choose from!

(grade restrictions refer to your grade for the 2020-2021 school year)

All Grades


Lake Wanna Paddle

Canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, races, games, and the occasional capsizing--it's all a part of the wild world of Lake Wanna Paddle. And now, Lake Wanna Paddle includes the blob, our newest aquatic attraction! Learn how to paddle, play crazy new games, and fly sky-high all in one amazing activity!


Monkey ball, noodle tag, and backwards kickball are just some of the crazy team-based games that go on in this activity. You will make new friends as your team takes on some of the most creative and inventive games camp has to offer. If you love to compete, play wacky games, and run around outside, this is the activity for you.

Pool Time

Pool time is the perfect way to cool off in the hot summer sun and enjoy some free time in the water. Our 90,000 gallon pool includes a diving board, a basketball hoop, and even "Slidezilla", a corkscrew waterslide! This activity is an awesome way to have some good old fashioned fun with your fellow campers and counselors alike!

Creation Station

Love making things? Creation Station is jam-packed will more crafting supplies than you can imagine. Here, your most ambitious creations can come to life - and you might just learn a few new, cool tricks from counselors trained in the arts of bracelet weaving, popsicle-stick construction, and duct tape creations. Creation station is an activity for anyone of any age - let your creative side out! 

Adventure Land

In the Adventure Land activity, you and your team embark on an adventure where you will uncover long-lost secrets, discover strange artifacts, and travel to some of the most exotic locations we have at camp. Adventure Land takes place all over our mountain on our endless walking trails - fun for all ages, it is not an activity to miss!


Bang-A-Rang is an activity completely dedicated to something we hold near and dear to our hearts: GAMES! This activity is absolutely filled with all kinds of games, indoor and out. Expect wild things like playing on water slides, creating shaving-cream facial hair, and  life-sized "Hungry Hungry Hippos". In Bang-A-Rang, you'll never know what's coming next!


You asked for it and we delivered - an activity dedicated to the world of dance. In this activity you'll learn and perform all kinds of choreographed dances. The activity is led by our talented and groovy counselors and your partners in dance-crime are your fellow campers. Together, you'll create dance routines that will leave their viewers amazed!

Grades 4 and Up



Archery - a favorite of ancient hunters and a favorite of ours here at camp. In the Archery activity, you'll learn how to string a bow and fire an arrow - with both old fashioned bows and modern ones. All kinds of interesting and unique targets will be at your disposal, as well as wildly fun archery-themed games to test your skill!

(grade restrictions refer to your grade for the 2020-2021 school year)


In the Riflery activity, you will have access to BB rifles, CO2 BB pistols, and slingshots. Our firing range provides dozens and dozens of different targets you can use to test and improve your aim. But that's not all - you'll also get to shoot skeet with our .410 shotguns and even get your hands on some of Camp Solgohachia's most fierce creations: the Potato Cannons!

Nerf Zone

Nerf Zone is a high-octane activity that includes all kinds of Solgohachia favorites, such as dodgeball, Nerf wars, noodle tag, whomp'em, and water sponge tag - among other things.

This activity is specifically designed for campers going into the 4th-6th grades and is not available for campers older than that.


Grades 5 and Up

(grade restrictions refer to your grade for the 2020-2021 school year)

Zip Line

Get ready to soar in the Zip Line activity! We have two side-by-side zip lines that can run at the same time! In this activity, you'll conquer your fears, be free to try a new trick (like going down backwards!), or even race your friends in this fast-paced and thrilling activity. The activity is run and supervised by counselors certified in zip line safety and operation.

Go Carts

Do you hear the call of the road wherever you go? Go Carts is an exciting activity where you get to drive your very own go cart through our custom-designed go cart track! You'll enjoy the open road, the wind through your hair, and maybe even achieve a new track record! Satisfy your need for speed in one of Camp Solgohachia's most popular activities.

Grades 6 and Up


(grade restrictions refer to your grade for the  2020-2021 school year)


Some people don't think twice about fishing, but there is no denying that Camp Solgohachia's Fishing activity is awesome. In this activity, you'll learn how to catch fish and will have an opportunity to catch as you want - hook, line, and sinker. We release them back into the lake once we catch them so you don't have to worry about eating them, or expanding your aquarium. 

Grades 7 and Up

(grade restrictions refer to your grade for the 2020-2021 school year)


The Marksmanship activity has a heavier focus on accuracy and shooting form. You will get to shoot skeet with multiple different shotgun gauges and styles, as well as hone your skills with both scoped and iron-sighted rifles. If shooting is your thing, this activity has a lot of it! To top it all off, we'll end each week of the Marksmanship activity with a boom!



While there is no actual "combat" in our Paintball activity, it is a blast! The activity takes place in a remote location from inside a converted bread truck. You will learn paintball basics, participate in accuracy challenges through the surrounded wooded trails, and even complete time trials in our custom built pallet paintball maze!


The Craftsmanship activity takes creation to the next level. In Craftsmanship, you will get to work on a project throughout the entire week, from design to completion! You'll oversee your project through all of its phases - gathering and preparing the materials, putting it together, and adding those perfect finishing touches to make it yours. 


Bowmanship is a more advanced archery activity that involves much more powerful hardware, more of a focus on accuracy and form, and some challenging feats of bowmanship for you to accomplish! It also will feature games of Archery Tag, a new game involving team vs. team bow combat with foam-tipped arrows!