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Ozark Conference Center and Camp Solgohachia are members of the American Camping Association and the Christian Camp and Conference Center Association, the nation's leading camping and conference industry associations.  We are also accredited by the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability, the leading organization requiring the highest standards of financial accountability for ministries around the world.

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What is Solgohachia?

Solgohachia is an extra-ordinary, year-round Christian camp and retreat experience for individuals, families and groups.  Our culture is rooted in the values of Christ and His Kingdom.  Our passion for Christ, love for people, Spirit-driven creativity, and commitment to excellence, means Camp Solgohachia is a safe place where campers are treasured, have the most fun they've ever had, and enjoy the life-changing love of Jesus!

January 20, 2020

The moment you've been waiting for - registration for Camp Solgohachia Summer 2020 is now open! Head on over to our Camps page to learn more about our Day (grades 3-9) and Overnight (grades 4-9) Camp Solgohachia sessions as well as our Base Camp program for high school students. 

For those of you live in the area around Morrilton, we've also opened up registration for our annual free Camp In The City day camp that takes place in the Morrilton City Park; happening this year Monday-Thursday July 27-30!

Space can fill up fast for all of our summer events so be sure to save your spot!

January 10, 2020

We've opened up applications for our two summer camp counselor positions: Part-Summer and Full-Summer Counselors!

Part-Summer Counselors are typically high-school aged students who are volunteer for week stints at a time. You might be helping the maintenance crew keep the grounds in order and our facilities repaired, or you may be helping with the kitchen crew preparing the oh-so-important camp meals our campers rely on to stay fueled. We also use Part-Summer Counselors to help run the myriad of activities we offer!

Full-Summer Counselors are college-aged students who are hired to be with us all summer long! These counselors are assigned a "tribe" of campers each and stay in the cabin with them, along with some Part-Summer Counselors, during their stay at camp. You'll be in charge of some of the daytime camp activities and help run the show during the evening events. You can read more about being a counselor here

Click here to begin an application! Applications for the Part-Summer...

January 11, 2018

I recently came across some sobering and heartbreaking statistics you might have also seen. 

They reveal that of kids who are raised in Christian homes, 60-70 percent say their faith no longer played a prominent role in their thinking and decision making after leaving home and into their young adult years.  Those interviewed were in their 20’s and 30’s, many of whom are now raising their own young families.

This is remarkable.  Barna Research Group and Lifeway Research, very credible research organizations, arrived at essentially the same conclusion: 

The majority of today’s young adults (commonly known as “millennials” or “mosaics”) raised in Christian homes do not take those values with them when they get out on their own.

Of course, there is much to unpack to interpret these findings, but no matter how you look at it, this is a sharp and sobering departure from any previous generation of American Christians.

And to whatever extent it reflects reality, it is deeply saddening.  What r...

May 10, 2017

Did you ever go to camp as a kid? I did.

I was a scrawny 12-year-old kid.  I'd mildly dreaded it for weeks. I was feeling sick to my stomach and sure that at any moment I would either cry or throw up. This sounded like a good idea when I filled out my registration card in January, but when it was time to go, I just wanted to turn the car around and go home. Mom drove me to some undisclosed location in the yonder hinterlands where strange looking yokels sat whittling on their front porches, staring at us "city folk" driving by.

Is she really going through with this? Is she really just going to drop me off at this summer camp and leave me with all of these total strangers for a whole week? How could she do this to me?

We finally arrived, checked in, and stowed everything carefully under my bunk. I gave my mom a hug goodbye and she drove off, disappearing in a cloud of hot, Arkansas June dust. Standing there alone, I had half an inclination to run after her, throw myself on the hood of...

April 27, 2017

 So what does Camp Solgohachia "do" for a camper?  

My wife and I are bombarded with choices of things for our kids to "do," and as a result we have to consider what all of the "doing" actually "does" for our kids.  Will this or that thing help them get into a good college?  Prepare them for the next educational, sports or social challenge?  Give them an edge in some way?  Build their faith?

I'm obviously biased, but I can say this with complete honesty: when I was a child, a week of camp "did" more for me as a human being than a week of anything else.  Period.  It impacted every category of my life--educational, social, relational, emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, psychological.  What other week long experience "does" that?

It's impossible to quantify what a Camp Solgohachia experience means for a young person and all they will take away from a week on our mountain, but here's a shot.

1. Freedom to be Happy.  Our camp culture is about be...

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Arkansas Summer Camp Blob Experience

Arkansas Summer Camp Blob experience